Our Vision

GELA envisions a world where every youth has equal and unhindered access to employability skills and high-profile career mentorship to evade the fears of an unforeseen future

Our Mission

To bridge the global youth unemployment gap, reaching out locally to a multitude at a time through a unique hybrid and globally collaborative model

What We Do

GELA identifies, trains, certifies, and deploys unjustly discriminated and socioeconomically disadvantaged youths who are at risk of being unemployed or underemployed and creates a safe place with a gratifying feature where these undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals


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The Prestigious Global Mentorship Programme
(Cohort 12)


GELA is an international organization headquartered in Nigeria. GELA envisions a world where every youth has equal and unhindered access to employability skills and highprofile career mentorship in order to evade the fears of an unforseen future.

GELA identifies, trains, certifies and deploys unjustly discriminated and socioeconomically disadvantaged youths aged between 18-35 years, who reside in urban communities, are internet friendly and despite their challenges, are deeply passionate about becoming next generation leaders in their respective sectors and countries, but are currently at risk of being unemployed or underemployed. GELA offers a safe place with a gamifying feature where these undergraduates, graduates and young professionals happily compete with their peers to upgrade their employability skills without a feeling of inferiority complex and get rewarded for doing so.

The GELA project has already impacted close to 5,000 young people in West Africa within the pilot stage. And so, a digital hub ( was created where young people globally can remotely access both basic and advanced high-quality live sessions, audio records, video records, and text documents on soft skills, technological skills, and leadership from foreign mentors across the globe. GELA is headed by the CEO and has an international council of mentors made up of highly respected elites from over 20 countries. The organization also has an international advisory council which consist of professors, business, medical as well as legal consultants and headed by a highly distinguished General in the military, professor emeritus, ambassador, royal head, University chancellor and owner.

The GELA Prestigious Global Mentorship Programme (PGMP)




We are a partly tech-enabled international organization, creating innovative solutions to unemployment and the virtual cycle of poverty among youths who indeed, are the future of our Nations. We believe in not just outreaches but post-event tailored mentorship, follow-up by foreign experts and provision of an affordable and all-inclusive model for every youth who truly wants to succeed but do not have the right community and requisite literacy skills required by employers. Hence, we are well positioned with the United Nations to achieve her first, fourth and seventeenth goals in Africa.

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Wealth will always move in the direction of value. What do we always bring to the table when called upon? Soon, nations will sort for us when we invest in adding value to our lives.
In 2024, we must make up our minds to be persons of value.

Dental Surgeon & Founder/C.E.O.,
GELA Youth Development Center.