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The vision that birthed GELA was a progressive one and not clearly visible at first. And so, it would best be described as to have originated from God. Initially, the vision appeared to be centred on young people. And then, soon enough, it became clear that the focus was middle class and less privileged young people aged between 18-35 years. The goal was to empower them to evade the fears of an unforeseen future.

“Raising 360 degree career and business lead”.

Global Entrepreneurs and Leaders Academy

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Dr. Favour Ikhile.
Setbacks: Favour stated that part of his initial set back was poor support from his immediate community and they never understood what his initiative was all about at first. Some thought it was a religious group because of his godly background, having held some seemingly religious offices in the past. But then, he was not a myopic fellow. He was always open to people of all tribes, race or religion and hungry for knowledge no matter where it is. Those cross-sectorial networks played a great role in his rising into relevance.

GELA currently runs four programs viz;
1. The Skillup360 project, and;
2. Monthly conferences.
3. Prestigious Global Foreign Mentorship Programme
4. Annual international conferences.

Youths aged between 18-35 years who are undergraduates, recent graduates and young professionals that are either at risk of being unemployed, actually unemployed or underemployed.

GELA has impacted over 5000 youths. It has mentors from more than 20 countries and is officially in partnership with the united nations information centre in Nigeria. GELA has won several awards, grants and recognitions of various kinds within the first demidecade alone.

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