Outstanding Mentors Awards 2023: Dr. David Olugbenga Adetitun PhD

On behalf of the Global Administrative Desk, the International Council of Mentors and the International Advisory Council at GELA, we wish to congratulate Dr. David Olugbenga Adetitun, PhD, on account of his dedication to international youth development having bagged an “Outstanding Curriculum Content Award” for the year 2023.

Dr. David Olugbenga Adetitun, PhD, is an esteemed academic and dedicated educator specializing in microbiology. With a passion for fostering critical thinking and a commitment to scholarly excellence, Dr. Adetitun has made significant contributions to both his field and the academic community.

Dr. Adetitun holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from University of Ilorin, where his research focused on biodegradation of petroleum contaminated soil. His doctoral thesis, titled ” Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons by Autochthonous Bacteria Isolated from Kerosene and Gasoline Experimentally-Contaminated Soil,” reflects his commitment to exploring solutions for contemporary environmental challenges. Dr Adetitun won the prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholar Scholarship of the U.S. Department of State in 2015/2016. He also won the association of African universities (AAU), small grants for thesis and dissertations in 2016.

As a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology at University of Ilorin, Dr. Adetitun brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. His dynamic teaching style and ability to make complex microbiology concepts accessible have earned him accolades from students and peers alike. Dr Adetitun is currently the General Secretary of the Society for Experimental Biology of Nigeria (NISEB). He was assistant secretary of the society previously.

Dr. Adetitun’s research portfolio includes publications in reputable journals, with topics ranging from microbial ecology of different ecosystems to the impact of globalization on the environment and microorganisms. His work reflects a keen interest in understanding the real-world implications of environmental microbiology theories.

Dr. Adetitun is known for his interactive and engaging teaching methods. He believes in creating a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to question, analyze, and develop a deep understanding of microbiology principles. His courses often incorporate real-world case studies, encouraging students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Adetitun actively contributes to the academic community with over forty peer reviewed journals and books. He has served on various committees, including the Faculty Examinations Malpractices Committee and the Faculty Advancement Committee. His commitment to mentorship is evident through his supervision of graduate students and involvement in academic conferences.

Dr. Adetitun’s research interests span air, water and soil microbiology, and sustainable growth. He has published articles in prestigious journals such as the Nigerian Journal of Microbiology and the Bulletin of Science Association of Nigeria. His current projects explore innovative microbiology models for achieving environmental sustainability.

Outside of academia, Dr. Adetitun enjoys exploring the intersection of microbiology and public policy through community engagement/service. His commitment to social impact is reflected in his involvement with local nonprofits and advocacy for all round literacy, youth development, women and youth empowerment, among many others. He is the current Chairman, United States Government Exchange Alumni Association of Nigeria (USGEAAN), Kwara State Chapter. As chairman of USGEAAN in Kwara State, he has initiated and carried out projects such as sensitisation of University of Ilorin community on the available United States sponsored programs in Nigeria, training of women and youths in soap making, tie and dye and gift box making, career counselling in secondary schools, enlightenment on how to ensure cleanliness of our surroundings, among others. The association under his leadership, recently won a grant of two thousand dollars for a women empowerment project.

With a reputation for academic excellence and a genuine passion for shaping the next generation of microbiologists and others, Dr. David Olugbenga Adetitun continues to inspire students and contribute meaningfully to the field of microbiology and other human endeavours.

We congratulate him for achieving this feet through service.

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