Outstanding Mentors Awards 2023: Mr. Johnbosco Ife

On behalf of the Global Administrative Desk, the International Council of Mentors and the International Advisory Council at GELA, we wish to congratulate Mr. Johnbosco Ife on account of his dedication to international youth development having bagged an “Outstanding Curriculum Content Award” for the year 2023.

Johnbosco Ife is husband, father and business coach. He is a digital marketing consultant, climate activist and human rights advocate who has proven that much can be achieved from little if the heart is large enough.

He believes in the idea of society building by empowering individuals and communities from all spheres of life, social, corporate or general business world.

He has partnered and assisted various firms and United Nations supported organizations including International Human Rights Commission – Relief Fund Trust (IHRC-RFT) – USA, Project Peace Lights (PPL)– USA, Team 54 Project – USA, International Youth Conference by Generation Next – USA, Global Entrepreneurs and Leaders Academy (GELA), Peace Campaign Nepal, and a host of others in partnership with Ife Solutions LLC his own firm.

He is currently the International Digital Director for Team 54 Project International – a 501(3C) climate action organisation.

Johnbosco has successfully mentored and trained over 15,000 people from across the globe in digital businesses ranging from ecommerce, affiliate marketing, to many others like mini importation and direct response marketing using media buying.

He has many appraisals from both local and international organizations and individuals who have benefited from his wealth of knowledge.

Johnbosco is open to business partnerships, travelling, partnering with legitimate individuals and organizations to make the world a better place for all of us.

We congratulate him for achieving this feet through service.

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